Maintain your natural smiles for a lifetime! If you’ve lost a tooth (or a few teeth) due to injury or disease, dental restoration can rejuvenate both your smile, confidence and your oral health for the rest of your life.


Your smile is one of your most important features. Dentistry is continually evolving, and with a variety of advanced treatment options, achieving a beautiful, healthy, aesthetic smile is made easy for patients of all ages.


Consider Invisalign treatment to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted — without braces. A complimentary consultation with our doctors can determine if Invisalign clear aligners are right for you.


Let me tell you a story.

Five years ago, a man with many very serious dental problems went to see a dentist. He presented with crowns that were crumbling, root canals that needed to be undertaken and implants that had to be done. Really, he was a wreck.

One more thing. This man was deathly afraid of dentists. I know this because that man, is me.

Enter Dr. Danielle Slater, a genuine and empathic healer who just happens to be a dentist. She is warm, honest, kind and amazingly knowledgeable. We sat together and she mapped out a treatment plan for getting my mouth healthy and we began. I just finished that journey yesterday. I never thought I would be out of pain and pleased with my teeth, but I am over the moon happy.

I will finish and simply say that I highly recommend Dr. Slater and I believe that if you go to see her for your dental issues, you will find, as I have found, a dentist for life.

Howard A.
Howard A.

Warning: Once you visit this practice you won’t be happy anywhere else!
Dr. Login and Dr. Feldman have been taking care of my teeth for 14 years. They’re not in-network for Metlife but you can’t put a price on integrity, skill, and professionalism! Several years ago my wife tried a highly rated practice that is in-network for us. They recommended a ton of expensive work. She went to Dr. Login for a second opinion and he advised her to make only one small repair. Everything else just needed extra home care and monitoring.

Our regular hygienist is excellent as well. On the rare occasions we’ve needed work done the and artistry of Dr. Login and Dr. Feldman have been impressive.

Joe T.
Joe T.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Logan for my dentistry for years. He takes care of all my needs “soup to nuts,”.except for endodontics. For the latter his office refers me to a great practice in Lexington. Dr. Login is a nationally recognized teaching surgeon and has reached the field’s highest level of achievement in dental implants. He has done 4 implants for me without a single problem. One was rather complicated. .
In recent years I’ve seen Dr. Login’s associate Dr, Feldman for non-surgical work, and I couldn’t be more pleased with her. She’s sharp, kind, comprehensive in looking at your mouth, and a lovely person. Her work is impeccable.
You just can’t beat the level of skill in this practice. Plus it’s a pleasant environment and the office staff and clinical assistants are kind, friendly, and professional. I love that there are assistants and dental students of many ethnic and racial backgrounds. You know you’re getting good care at the sa⁰me time that the practice is training young people on a rolling basis.
Dentistry is expensive, of course. But Dr. Login’s prices are fair. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Susan L.
Susan L.

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  • Implants

    Drs. Login and Slater have advanced training in implant surgery and have passed peer-reviewed certifications by the American Board of Oral Implantology and the California institute of Implant Dentistry, respectively.

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    (FMR) Not only do we do complicated crown and bridge work, but we also teach our methods to other dentists. Dr. Login is an Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU, College of Dentistry. Drs. Login, Slater and Feldman host a monthly FMR study club for local dentists.

  • Veneers

    Drs. Login, Slater and Feldman have years of advanced continuing education in dental aesthetics and veneers. Dr. Feldman has additional training in Composite veneers. This is a real strength in the office, just read what patients say about how veneers have transformed their life.

  • Invisalign

    We’ve been treating simple and complex orthodontic cases with doing Invisalign since 2006 in teens and adults. We see 4-5 patients a day that are in Invisalign treatment. We use digital technology for patient comfort and accuracy.

  • Teeth Whitening

    We use the world’s most effective whitening system KoR that can treat everything from simple to dark brown tetracycline staining and everything in between.

  • Dental Crowns

    We work with a super high quality dental lab, Jason Kim Aesthetics, with a world renown reputation for providing dental veneers and crowns that mimic natural tooth color and shape.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Gary R. Login, DMD

Dr. Danielle Slater

Dr. Janna Feldman, DMD

Dr. Thomas Ford

Creating Beautiful Smiles for a Healthier, Happier You


As a Brookline, MA dental practice, our office is centered on you and your needs. We provide both you and your family with individualized care to meet your lifestyle. Our dental staff will go out of their way to make you smile!

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Gary R. Login, DMD