Gary R. Login, DMD Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry Diversity Statement

Dr. Login’s recent educational sojourn to the island of Hispaniola reminded us all at the office just why we do what we do. From the front desk staff upon check-in, to our exceptional team of dental assistants right up to Dr. Login himself, we realize that a smile in Brookline or miles away in the Dominican Republic require the same amount of care and attention.

In our art of dentistry, smiles have no race or color, no creed or religion. Our smiles don’t care for politics or what’s in our pockets; they require the same amount of love irrespective of one’s gender or the gender of the person our smiles are directed toward. We firmly believe quality healthcare is a right no matter who you are, and delivering such care is OUR privilege.

The entire team of interns, staff, and professionals at Dr. Gary Login’s practice are committed to providing world-class care for all peoples. We endeavor to create a nurturing environment that welcomes patients from all corners of the world and from all walks of life. Our office is a place of healing that knows no global conflict in the face of patient care, but is one that commits itself to being aware of how such conflict affects a patient’s perception and understanding of self as a global citizen.

Just as our smiles know no borders, the same is the case with our office doors. Every patient that we treat in the chairs of our Brookline office is a part of the Gary Login team. As active partners in their oral care, our patients traverse the world and share the work we do at the office simply by smiling. As such, we further commit ourselves not only to creating a smile that reflects a healthier, happier you, but celebrating our patients and the work they do across the globe each day.

As a diverse team of the culturally curious, we continuously strive to expand the mosaic of patients we serve. We believe the more diverse a patient base is that we welcome through our doors, the more beautiful and nuanced our collective portrait becomes ... a portrait that has us all saying, “color me smiling.”

Tariq H. Meyers, Office Intern, 2014

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Gary R. Login, DMD