I enjoy teaching and I enjoy working with people excited to learn about dentistry. Each year we select one or two college graduates as dental interns and we nurture their interest in dentistry.

We meet as a team in daily huddles to discuss patient treatment and explore the best sequencing of care that will result in a great patient experience. We meet weekly to review and improve our communication skills with our patients, our referral doctors, and with each other. We also meet monthly to discuss our business so we can position ourselves on the cutting edge of innovation and outstanding dental care delivery.

A team that understands how to communicate comprehensive dentistry can deliver comprehensive dental care!

Dr. Login

News updates about our very talented former dental assistants / interns:

Ashwini Manjuantha

My gap year at Dr. Login's office gave me so much baseline knowledge and experience that helped my transition into dental school go that much smoother. In working at the office I became well oriented with patient care, the process of treatment planning and learned the basics of lab work. I also found myself relating material that I learned in didactic dental school courses with things that I learned in the office or observed the doctors doing. Concepts such as dental occlusion, dental anatomy, and different perio/implant treatment options, I felt, were easier for me to comprehend and apply because I had a basic understanding from working at the office. Now, I am in clinic and seeing patients, and I find that I am more comfortable speaking to and explaining procedure to my patients due to my year of experience at Dr. Login’s office. While doing procedures, like operative, I find myself thinking back on what materials we used in the office and remembering the techniques that I observed the doctors using while placing composites, for example. I highly recommend working at a dental office as an assistant for anyone thinking about going to dental school. The amount of information, experience, and exposure that I obtained in working at your office is unmatched and I really believe it improved my overall experience and comfort heading into dental school and still as a current D3. 

Marissa Erickson

Hello Dr. Login!

First, I hope you and everyone at the office are doing well. I just finished my first year up of school and I just wanted to reach out to you to say how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me by allowing me to not only work as an assistant in your office, but by constantly teaching me throughout the process. I can honestly say that I was miles ahead of my classmates when it came to dental knowledge because of working with you. Not only did I learn so much but I was also able to apply so much of what I learned to cases that I saw at your office. I cannot thank you enough providing this internship opportunity for not only me, but all my fellow assistants that have gone through it.

Marissa Erickson

Elise Fok

Dr. Login,

Happy Thanksgiving! It should be almost thanksgiving by the time this postcard travels 7945 miles to you.It was around this time last year that you helped me tremendously with my application to dental school with the reference letter. Thank you once again! This is the 3rd month of school now and I’m getting more used to PBL. I truly feel that the experience and skills that I’ve learned working in your clinic has really prepared me for dental school. Thank you for the many opportunities that you offered me. Hope all is well with Minda, Dr. Feldman and your grand kids (they are growing up so fast!)

-Elise Fok



Charlotte Lenes.

Tom Hernon: Currently in his 3rd year at Tufts Dental School.


Eman Ouabira: Bachelor’s in Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery from Alexandria University in Egypt. Graduated from the Tufts two-year International Dental Student Program. She finished at the top of her class.

Tariq Meyers

I may not be a periodontal provider like our amazing hygienists or even a dentition detective like our clever dentist and his assistants. I may not be masterful in all things management like our spectacular practice administrator, or even as tenacious and tactful as our wonderful new treatment coordinator, but that doesn’t mean that my summer with Dr. Login’s office hasn’t been anything short of life changing.

As I was packing up my things and closing my collegiate chapter back in May, I stumbled upon a poem that I was given the first day of freshman year. Set in ancient Greece, “Ithaka” describes the journey of a young pilgrim with his heart set on a paradise, an end goal. In order to reach this oasis, the pilgrim, with his heart set upon the gates of his destination, must travel a long road. Along the way he encounters obstacles and challenges he had never imagined, but his heart was strong, his will: fortified. He forges on and gathers knowledge from the wise and learned—stopping at ancient market places and centers of novel discoveries. When the young pilgrim finally arrives to the gate of Ithaca he finds no pillars of marble, no gates forged in gold, no paradise that others once spoke of. First inclined to be disappointed, he realizes Ithaca had not deceived him—it wasn’t about the destination, but the journey along the way.

Like this pilgrim, I joined this practice with an end journey in sight. I knew that I would be transitioning as a recent graduate and had California on my mind. Just like the pilgrim, I was faced with challenges from misidentifying tooth numbers, triple booking our already booked schedule, all the way up to allying the fears of individuals who hadn’t been seen by a practitioner in some time. Yet I came back on Monday, my head held high, ready to correct Thursday’s mistakes while striving to be that much better tomorrow. Most importantly, like our good pilgrim, I learned from, was inspired by, and was motivated through, the stories of the beautiful patients we serve. Yes, it was just like the young pilgrim that I too realized it is not this place that makes us great, but we, you, our patients that makes it great.

I want to thank you for giving me a life-changing experience. For reminding us that without your smiles and voices we are just left with empty chairs and more tools than you can count. I thank you for being vulnerable, patient, understanding, and while I may have not been involved directly in your care, helping make you healthier and happier has led to a healthier, happier me.

This to-be lawyer with just a little bit more knowledge of dentistry will never forget the Gary Login family. I have been so fortunate to have been a small part of this ever-expanding enterprise with a revolutionary vision for our industry. We truly strive not just to be good at what we do, but great.

To my Kara and Christa, my Matt, Mary, and Minda; my Tom, Tina, Eliza, and Faith—you will always have a very special place my heart.

Finally to Dr. Login: there are many places where health and beauty meet, but your art, our art, of dentistry is truly one of a kind. Thank you for this opportunity and for letting me be a very small part of your very special vision. The growth I have experienced here is truly remarkable—please accept my endless gratitude.

Avital Arnson

Dear Dr. Login and Team,

Thank you so much for opening up your hearts and your practice by allowing me to come and shadow during these past two weeks. When I was searching for dentists in the Brookline area about a month ago, I had no idea that I would be given such an opportunity. However, from the moment I called your practice and spoke with Matt, I knew I had found a truly remarkable place.

The energy of the practice is one of motivation, care, joy, and diligence—and I am inspired by each and every person who works here. From the front desk of Matt, Tina, Tariq, and Faith to the dedicated hygienists, Christa and Mary, to the magnificent dental interns, Tom and Eliza, who never fail to answer my questions with a smile, to Kara who loves each person in this office as though they are a child of hers, and to Dr. Login who consistently brings an aura of creativity, diligence, understanding, and communication into each and every situation.

Dr. Login, you truly approach dentistry, and I would venture to say life, from a whole-hearted and holistic point of view. I am amazed by the effort and energy invested into creating a team dynamic—and I think it is something which makes your practice unique. The talent, concern, and insight of each team member is valued and considered throughout the course of treating a patient and it is a process which benefits every person involved.

The interaction and communication which I witnessed during my time in your practice will serve as models for me throughout my life. I have learned so much about honesty, about motivation, about discipline—and I have learned to stand firm in my ideals, strive for my goals, and know that through continued daily effort, I will succeed.

When I called your practice a month ago, I had absolutely no idea that I would be joining a team of such highly motivated, joyous, and caring individuals. Thank you for opening up your hearts, and for giving me both of your time and your advice.

I cherish the time I spent here, and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Wishing each team member all the very best,

Avital Arnson

Dooyoung Choi

Thanks for everything for the past two months, especially answering so many of my questions in detail! I took great advice from you!

I am happy to have been assigned my internship to Dr. Login’s practice. It was truly a pleasure and I am going to miss everybody on the team!

I will keep in touch and visit in the future.

Thank you!!

Regards, Dooyong

Aleynna Quinones

I just wanted to thank you all for letting me shadow your office. It was a great experience and I appreciate you allowing me to see the awesome work that you all do. Being a part of the interactions with patients really helped to open my eyes to the patient aspect of the medical field.

Sincerely, Aleynna Quinones

Tom Hernon: Completed his first year at Tufts Dental School

Eliza Gowell: Completed her first year at University of Penn

Ricky Goldman: Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, class of 2014

Soo Yeon Kwon: Harvard School of Dental Medicine, class of 2015

John Willis: Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, 2015

Kannon Lee: Dental therapist (Alaska), 2013

Scott Manis: Roseman College of Dental Medicine, class of 2016

James Lin: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, class of 2017

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