What concerned the patient? Losing my teeth
Condition: Many back teeth were cracked, front teeth were spread apart, and many teeth were loose.
What was done: Replaced all old dentistry with enamel: all ceramic crowns, returned all worn teeth to their natural shape and size, balanced bite on all teeth to prevent further spreading and loosening.
Patient's Comments After Treatment: When Norman gave us permission to use his photo he remarked, this was the beginning of his career as a model.

What concerned the patient? Facial pain from clenching
Condition: TMJ muscle pain, cracked bridgework; diagnosis: collapsed bite
What was done: We replaced all old dentistry, and restored all worn-down teeth to their natural shape and size; balanced the bite on all teeth to prevent excessive biting habit on back teeth. Six primary office visits.
Patient's Comments After Treatment: Robert reported his clenching habit is dramatically improved and he goes for days without thinking about his teeth. This compared to several painful headaches each day before his treatment.

What concerned the patient? Pain with chewing; front teeth are broken
Condition: Large fillings in back and front teeth had cracks and cavities.
What was done: Replaced old dentistry in all upper teeth; restored all worn-down teeth to their natural shape and size; Gloria was happy with the appearance of her lower teeth so we matched all cosmetic work to Gloria’s natural lower front teeth. Completed in four primary office visits.
Patient's Comments After Treatment: Gloria reports that her tooth pain when chewing is gone. She also said her aesthetics and bite comfort are great.

What concerned this patient? Colin said, “I was just waiting to find a reliable dentist who would take on the project.”
Condition: Many silver fillings patching almost all teeth; advanced gum recession around all teeth
What was done? We removed all the old fillings, repaired and strengthened the teeth with ceramic crowns, and replaced missing teeth with implants. Treatment time was 3 months with four primary visits.
Patient’s comments after treatment: When the photographer asked Colin to smile, Colin said, “I don’t know how to smile, because I have been hiding my teeth for years….”


What concerned this patient? Bernice was increasingly aware of her front teeth overlapping.
Condition: Crowding resulting from bite trauma
What was done? Adult orthodontics with Invisalign over 11 months
Patient’s comments after treatment: You can hear Bernice tell her story here:


What concerned this patient? “A lower front bridge that I had installed in the late 1970s had ground down my front teeth pretty severely and also caused a very large gap to appear between my front teeth.”
Condition: Advanced tooth wear and displacement of teeth
What was done? New bridge on lower front teeth and six veneers on the upper front teeth
Patient’s comments after treatment: “The new look is so natural that most people don’t detect it, although they do sometimes remark that my face seems somehow brighter than it used to. “

What concerned this patient? “Teeth were worn and they were painful to chew on.”
Condition: Advanced wear on all teeth and missing teeth
What was done? We added crowns to restore the teeth to their natural size.
Patient’s comments after treatment: Mary said her grandchildren thought her smile looked just like their mom’s.

What concerned this patient? “Debbie explained she was too embarrassed to see a dentist because she felt the condition of her teeth were pathetic.
Condition: Loose teeth, painful teeth, missing teeth
What was done? We replaced the loose and painful front teeth with an implant-supported bridge for a totally natural bite and smile. Treatment time 1 year.
Patient’s comments after treatment: “This is amazing! I can eat again and the food tastes good again. The compliments from my coworkers are wonderful; I hear words like phenomenal and perfect.”

What concerned this patient? “My lower teeth were so crowded.”
Condition: Advanced crowding, open bite, decay around an upper front tooth
What was done? Adult orthodontics, Invisalign, treatment time 24 months
Patient’s comments after treatment: “I wished I had done this work years ago! It is amazing to see how much my teeth have improved!”

What concerned this patient? “My bite is uneven and my teeth are discolored.”
Condition: Acid erosion from acidic beverages such as diet soda and energy drinks
What was done? Crowns on upper teeth
Patient’s comments after treatment: Fran said, “From my first phone call, everyone has been so warm, professional, and kind. I feared dental work most of my life. I now think that I simply was not in the right place. A great smile is the goal, but going to the dentist is now something I look forward to, and do not fear.”

What concerned this patient? Debra said, “My teeth were horrible; they were totally pushed one over the other, totally crooked, and really awful.”
Condition: Moderate to severe tooth crowding.
What was done? Adult orthodontics, Invisalign, 24 months
Patient’s comments after treatment: Debra said she was so happy that she did not need veneers. “Everything worked out wonderfully! I think my teeth are happier now.”


What concerned this patient? “Nick felt his teeth were getting more crowded.”
Pretreatment condition: Narrow upper jaw
What was done? Palatal expansion and Invisalign; treatment time 18 months.
Patient’s comments after treatment: Nick reports, “Now that I am finished with the Invisalign treatment, I’ve noticed I can breathe easier, I can speak better, it looks better, and it’s easier to eat.”

What concerned this patient? “When I was a young girl, my uncle would tell me he always wanted me to face to the right when taking pictures. He thought that it was my better side.”
Condition: A left baby canine tooth was decayed and broken, spacing between upper teeth, and crowding in lower teeth
What was done? We realigned the teeth with Invisalign, and replaced the missing tooth with an implant and crown.
Patient’s comments after treatment: “Today, I am so happy with my teeth. Everyone compliments my smile!”

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