Risk Assessment

A personal message from Dr. Login’s office:

At your next hygiene visit, you will see significant improvements that will make your dental care more personalized, more gentle, and more meaningful in our office.

During the past year, many of you have experienced a new camera in our office called CariVu™, used to find cavities without X-rays.

We now have enough information and confidence with this instrument to dramatically reduce how often we need to take X-rays.

This new technology is only half the equation. We will also be implementing a more refined risk assessment protocol to better understand how your diet and general health affect your teeth and gums.

The goal of the risk assessment is to work with you on a personalized prevention plan that will reduce the need to take X-rays from annually to every 18 months or even two years.

We are delighted to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery and we look forward to sharing more detailed information when we see you!

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Gary R. Login, DMD