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I heartily recommend Dr. Login to anyone with persistent dental problems. I first saw Dr. Login in 2009. At that time I had excessive clenching that was a constant annoyance. It was the first thing I noticed when I woke in the AM the last thing I noticed when going to sleep.

The trouble started in 2005, when a dentist (who will remain unnamed) unbalanced my bite while installing some crowns. He was unable to fix the problem and subsequent dentists were unable to give me relief. The clenching eventually caused a broken bridge and a cracked tooth.

Dr. Login took the time to really assess my condition and we tried a few temporary fixes to find what would work best for me. Eventually, he did extensive work fixing several teeth that had been damaged over time. I was very impressed with his technical skill and with his willingness to take the time necessary to really fix my issue. I continue to see him for regular maintenance.

It is now seven years later and my bite has held its correction. I am very grateful to Dr. Login, whose technical skill and caring attitude truly change my life for the better.

— Robert B., DC

“Two months ago, you rescued my front teeth after a fall. You performed a miracle in pushing my front teeth back into position. As you warned me, the implicated teeth were sensitive and I was careful not to bite with my front teeth, but I am happy to report that all is well. I really appreciate your squeezing me in on a busy afternoon. Many, many thanks. Best wishes for a truly wonderful summer to you and your family.”

— Jeanne N., Brookline

“I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for your superior service over the past year. I originally came to you for a consultation regarding palate expansion and possibly getting Invisalign®, and was so impressed with the high quality of care that I had to make your office my primary care. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The level of detail that you and your staff put into each visit still exceeds my expectations. Since being under your care, I have received nothing but the highest quality of care from you and your entire staff. I truly have enjoyed my time since I have been under your care.

“My experience with Invisalign has been great! I am not even halfway through and I can already see and feel a difference! They are extremely comfortable and I often forget that I have them in. Even the subtle changes that have occurred so far have made it easier to brush my teeth and maintain oral hygiene. The monthly checkups with you have not only given me an in-depth understanding of the process, but have also contributed to the overall success of the program. My wife and friends have noticed how quickly my smile has changed.

“I came to your office with a complex problem that included fillings, surgery, and ultimately receiving Invisalign. You and your staff handled the situation seamlessly! Once again, thank you for all that you have done.”

— Nicholas S., Boston

“My quality of life has changed dramatically. For the past few years, I have experienced painful headaches. These headaches affected my quality of life. I wasn’t able to go the gym, concentrate long enough to read a book, or just relax. I was constantly popping Tylenol to help alleviate the pain, but the pain never went away. I went to bed with headaches, woke up during the night with headaches, and woke up in the morning with headaches. Work became difficult because I work with special-needs students.

“I went to my doctor who sent me to a neurologist who told me I was fine, which I knew. My doctor also sent me for a neck X-ray, which I also knew was fine because of my background with chiropractic care. My chiropractor also told me it was my neck, which I didn’t believe because my father is a chiropractor and I am able to identify headaches that are caused by neck or back pain.

“In the past year, I become sick with swollen glands, sore throat, and fevers. My mouth was swollen and in a lot of pain. My doctor gave me antibiotics that alleviated the infection. Months later I went through the same episode. I realized that my tooth was bothering me. I went to a dentist who told me to go to the doctor because my problem was NOT my teeth but my sinuses. I knew that was incorrect but went to the doctor to try and get some pain medication for my pain in my mouth and teeth. Also, to get some antibiotics for the infection that was in my mouth. At this point, my face was swollen.

“Later that week, I was at my job when the CEO of my company heard of my trouble and recommended Dr. Login for a dentist. I went to see Dr. Login, who immediately sent me to the endodontist for an emergency root canal. After my care with my endodontist and Dr. Login, I was feeling much better but still had headaches that affected my quality of life.

“Dr. Login was sure that it was my teeth that caused these headaches as well as the new shooting pain in the back of my skull. To be honest, I thought he was wrong like the rest of them. But I took his advice and tried everything he said because I was sick of the pain. Dr. Login made me a nightguard for my teeth. I guess I assumed it worked because my headaches eventually went away.

“It wasn’t until my nightguard broke that I truly understood the root of my problem. I dropped off the nightguard to Dr. Login. For the next week I slept without it. My headaches came back immediately due to my open bite and grinding. It was such relief to understand why I was getting those headaches and to have a solution.

“Since I have been under Dr. Login’s care, my quality of life has changed dramatically, just from a nightguard. I am headache-free and am maintaining healthy care with my teeth.”

— Kerri B.

“It was well worth the time, money, and effort put forth. The nightguard that Dr. Login designed for me and made for my mouth has thoroughly improved my life. I no longer have headaches and pain associated with my TMJ and nightly teeth grinding. It was well worth the time, money, and effort put forth. I recommend his services for anyone who suffers from TMJ/tooth grinding.”

— Alexis C., Somerville

“I was able to gain relief from the headaches. Thank you for your assistance in solving my problem with chronic headaches. As you are aware, for almost a year, I suffered with severe headaches on the sides of my head. I took a number of different pain medications, none of which provided me with much relief. It was not until visiting with you, on several occasions, for bite balancing and equilibration that I was able to gain relief from the headaches. I have been pain-free more than six months and am very grateful for your help. Thank you again.”

— Phyllis S.

“My bite just feels much better. Several weeks ago, at the recommendation of Dr. Login, I underwent a procedure called ‘equilibration,’ wherein my teeth were gently filed in order to create a more uniform bite. Previous to the procedure my bite was uneven, causing noticeable looseness in several teeth that were bearing the brunt of the biting force.

“After taking a model of my teeth, my bite was adjusted carefully, tooth by tooth, with an electric rotating file by Dr. Login, who measured each adjustment using wax paper. The first session, I experienced only mild discomfort. The second session was virtually pain-free.

“Now, my bite is noticeably improved. When I bite down, all of my teeth touch at the same time. It might not sound like much, but as the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone. In this case, the adjustments made were well worth the expense, time, and mild discomfort. My bite just feels much better.

“Should Dr. Login recommend this procedure, I would encourage you to take his advice.”

— Jonathan C.

“My headaches have disappeared! I thought I would write you this letter as a follow-up to the treatment I received for reshaping my teeth. As you know, I had been experiencing headaches on a daily basis for several years. To combat the headaches, I would take between three and six, and sometimes even more, Tylenol/Advil every day.

“You had noticed that my teeth showed signs of grinding, which I was probably doing in my sleep. You fitted me for a mouthguard and I did everything I could not to wear it because I felt uncomfortable about it.

“You then informed me of a new procedure of having my teeth reshaped to help prevent grinding. I will be up-front and tell you that I was very skeptical that this would have any success because it seems so odd. But because I trust you, I went ahead with the procedure. Since the procedure has been completed, which has been a few months, I noticed a significant change: my headaches have disappeared!

“Obviously I am incredibly pleased but I’m still so surprised because I never saw the connection between my teeth and my headaches. I just assumed the headaches were work-related due to stressful occurrences and that I would have to live with taking over-the-counter medication every day.

“So I wanted to take this opportunity, in writing, to thank you for keeping up with any updates in your field and for passing the information on to me. I am incredibly grateful for my successful prognosis!”

— Charlie S.

“I am sincerely grateful. It has been a year since you realigned my bite to alleviate the temporomandibular joint pain I had been experiencing for years. I am happy to report that I am still having no pain. The relaxation techniques, nightguard, and realignment are allowing me to wake up each morning pain-free. I am sincerely grateful to you for suggesting the treatment.”

— Nancy G.

“Thank you for all of your excellent care. It’s great. You’re great. Thank you for all of your excellent care. I was so lucky to have fallen into your competent, caring hands. I and my (not so) pearly whites are forever grateful!”

— Anonymous

“I went to a dentist in Beijing to have my teeth cleaned. My friends at Microsoft and Google recommended the office since that is the one all the Microsoft and Google employees go to.

“After the cleaning, the dentist called the other dentists in to look at my teeth. Though my Chinese is not too great, I realized they were very impressed with the work that had been done on them. Then, in quite simple Chinese, he told me the work done on my teeth was very, very good, and added in English, ‘Really great!’”

— Anonymous

“I sincerely want to thank you for doing such a great job. It makes me realize how fortunate I was to have met you when you were a dental student at Harvard. Your work has always been outstanding and I am relieved to have found a dentist that I trust so completely. You don’t know how much easier it makes my life and how important it is to me. You can feel confident that all your patients treasure you in the same way that I do.”

— Joan N.

“For those who have negative thoughts or are frightened by the idea of wearing dentures, I would like to lend a word of encouragement from my personal experience.

“I have had full dentures since 1988 and after the initial two-day adjustment, I’ve experienced very few problems. Eating is always a joy and with a few exceptions I treat the dentures as normal teeth. Corn on the cob is no problem. Bobbing for apples doesn’t seem like a good idea but if I slice them I’m good to go. Given a choice, I prefer soft bread to bagels or bread with very hard crusts.

“When Dr. Login took over Dr. Cotton’s practice, I was thrilled with the technical advancements and the exactness in making teeth that are beautiful and functionally precise.

“I am a singer and voice teacher, and with my present dentures, it is unnecessary to use one bit of denture paste or powder. How nice to have confidence and perfect assurance that everything is safely in place.

“On occasion I have mentioned to friends that I have a dental appointment and they tell me they hope it is not painful. I smile and chuckle to myself.

“I truly credit this success to the skills of Dr. Login, Dr. Cotton, and their staff who are caring, kind, and encouraging professionals. They have added so much to my quality of life.”

— Mitzi G.

“I entered Dr. Login’s office eight years ago with significant gum and bleeding issues as a result of practicing poor and inconsistent dental hygiene.

“Dr. Login and his friendly and dedicated staff not only worked diligently toward cleaning and scaling the plaque and tartar buildup that had accumulated over the years, but they also educated me in an encouraging manner as to how I could maintain and improve the condition of my mouth with proper and regular flossing and brushing.

“I was never made to feel belittled or embarrassed because of my acute dental condition brought on by long-term neglect. Rather, I was empowered to build upon the work Dr. Login and his staff invested in my mouth to ensure an ongoing healthy and fully functioning set of teeth and gums.

“Today, I floss and brush religiously, and enjoy a healthy and vibrant set of teeth and gums, a stark contrast to the condition with which I walked in eight years ago. I am forever indebted to Dr. Login and his uniquely qualified and engaging team of health professionals. Thank you.”

— Eli G.


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